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Does Remote Spying Really Work?

The market is flooded with mobile phone spy programs that allow you to gain access to all of the information about the calls made, messages sent and the websites visited. In essence this is putting the cell phone under surveillance. However, the prerequisite for all these programs is that you need to install the spy software on the mobile phone to be monitored. So what happens if you can’t get hold of the mobile phone that you wish to monitor? The solution lies in using a remote phone spy software. But does this kind of thing really work well?
Let’s look at why there is a need for remote cell phone spy programs. Sometimes a situationmay occurs when people wish to catch a cheating spouse or a dishonest employee but can’t gain physical access to the  cell phone or can’t use it since it is password protected. Although it may seem impossible to spy on another mobile phone without installing mobile phone spy software on it, some types of spy software claim to do just that. 

The fact of the matter is the software that is the most stable and works the best is Spyware that is installed directly onto a cell phone. This is because mobile phone spy programs that work the best have to use files deep within the phones programming language which over 90 percent of the time can only be gotten to by a program embedding its self deep within the Operating system of the phones software. This can only be done via having the phone in your hand and installing the software onto it.  Most remote spy software is not reliable or stable especially those that are sold to the general public. How do we know you may ask? We test remote cell phone spy programs all of the time to keep abreast of what is going on in the market. You will notice all of the top sellers of this kind of software requires you to have physical access to the target phone in order for an installation to take place.

One should, however, check the credentials of the supplier and the guarantees offered by them for the remote mobile spy software they are offering. This will help you avoid falling prey to scam artists. Some spy software companies claim to be selling remote spy software that needs to be installed on your own cell phone and all that needs to be done is to call the target phone and stay connected for 30 seconds. This will initiate the spying process. Some other spy program manufacturers say that a Mobile spy program can be installed on the target phone remotely via a text message.

So make your choice only after you are satisfied that the software actually works. We can tell you first hand that most software that says you can install it remotely does not work very well if at all.
While looking for remote mobile spy software, check whether it contains bloover files, if yes, don’t buy it because such a spy program does not work on any phone anymore. This was developed about ten years ago to take advantage of a loophole in phones containing Bluetooth devices.  Also, beware of software companies that claim that their remote spy program can intercept live cell phone conversations. It isn’t possible to implement the call intercept feature using remote cell phone spy software.

Once you've decide to purchase a spy program, you will be sent a link that you enter into the target phones browser, along with instructions to install it. Once installed everything else can be done remotely on the mobile that has the software on it. 

Buyers have the option to buy the product for Android, Blackberry , Symbian (Nokia operating system) ,iPhone. One should, however, remember that the spy features of the remote programs are lesser than those available on regular spy software programs (programs that are installed directly to the phone). The remote spying program allows you to intercept only emails and text messages, and that is if it is stable some don’t even do that very well so be careful. You cannot track the GPS location of the targeted mobile phone. One can also not listen to the live ongoing conversation on the cell phone being monitored if and that is if you can get the spy software that was installed remotley to even work.  
So remote spying is not a myth, but one needs to be careful and buy only those products that actually work, all be it with limited features and sometimes features that may not be very stable.  



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